Water Testing Results

St. Joseph School Family,

I am writing to make you aware that on December 19, 2019, St. Joseph School, in compliance with the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the State of Maryland, had samples of all water outlets tested again for the presence of lead, pursuant to the Code of Maryland Regulations. We received the results of these tests in January. The tests found one sample that exceeded the action level for lead in water in the school building. 

The sample location was:

The middle sink in the boy’s bathroom on ground floor near third grade. (non-drinking source)

This sink is a non-drinking source and we immediately turned off water flow to this sink. A second sample was taken on January 3 to retest the sink and the results came back normal.  Upon investigation, the sink in question was repaired in the fall due to a leak that was found in the wall. A coupling was replaced and soldered into place to repair the leak. I contacted the contractor who completed the repair to discuss the lead testing results. They stated that the soldering of the pipe caused sediment from the old pipe to settle in the new pipe. I contacted the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and they agreed that this was the reason that the first sample came back high. The second sample showed that the sink had been fully flushed and is no longer a concern. We are waiting for MDE to give permission to restore water flow to the sink. 

Please call me with any questions or concerns at 410-256-8026.

God Bless,

Kenneth J. Pipkin


St. Joseph School - Fullerton