Faculty & Staff

It is our ministry as Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything we do. We model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff:


Mr. Kenneth Pipkin Principal kpipkin@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Chrissie Ashby Assistant Principal cashby@stjoeschool.org


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Mrs. Colleen Bates PKA
Mrs. Jessamyn Scott PKB jscott@stjoeschool.org 
Mrs. Jolene Sosnowski KA
Mrs. Nancy Vogtman
Mrs. Debbie Enggaard 1A
Miss Alison DeMelim 1B
Mrs. Kathy James 2A kjames@stjoeschool.org
Ms. Jessica Smythe 2B jsmythe@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Becky Bennett 3A bbennett@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Jennifer Pappathanasiou 3B jpappas@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Trish Garing 4A tgaring@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Katherine Diggs 4B kdiggs@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Kerry Loraditch 5A kloraditch@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Kathi Trimble 5B ktrimble@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Stephanie Collins 6A scollins@stjoeschool.org
Miss Tiffani Coster 6B tcoster@stjoeschool.org
Mr. Doug Ripley 7A dripley@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Karla Foreman 7B kforeman@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Bonnie Myszkowski 8A bmyszkowski@stjoeschool.org
Ms. Janice Myers 8B jmyers@stjoeschool.org
Mr. Edward Lawrence Math elawrence@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Caitlin Veise Language Arts cveise@stjoeschool.org
Ms. Emily Wertlieb Language Arts ewertlieb@stjoeschool.org
Miss Marianne Burke Language Arts/Reading Resource mburke@stjoeschool.org
Ms. Samantha Becker Spanish sbecker@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Paula Beres Library/Media pberes@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Maria Bowser Art/Computer mbowser@stjoeschool.org
Mr. Phil D'Adamo Physical Education pdadamo@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Julie Hirsch Music/Computer jhirsch@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Maria Starcher Computer mstarcher@stjoeschool.org

Instructional Assistants

Mrs. Donna Coster PKA dcoster@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Shanan Petryszak PKB spetryszak@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Jackie Impagliatelli KA jimpagliatelli@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Lorraine Williams KB lwilliams@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Jillian Maul 1A jmaul@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Maggie Narock 1B mnarock@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Val Berg 2A vberg@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Melissa Rogers 2B mrogers@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Robin Isom 3A & 3B risom@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Donna Visalli 4A & 4B dvisalli@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Richelle Arnold 5A & 5B rarnold@stjoeschool.org

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Teresa McGuire Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Cindy Christy Administrative Assistant cchristy@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Ann Biggerman Financial Secretary
Mrs. Mary Kay Brooks Secretary - STAND mkbrooks@stjoeschool.org
Mrs. Francesca Troiano
Director of Marketing & Advancement
Mrs. Mary Konopacki School Nurse
Mrs. Gail Vernick School Counselor
Mrs. Maria Starcher  Technology Coordinator mstarcher@stjoeschool.org 
Mrs. Kim Benson Business Manager kbenson@stjoeschool.org 
Mr. Wes Osment  Instrumental Music Program  410-442-5804