Alert Week of 9/20: Masks are required inside the building

Faculty & Staff

It is our ministry as Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything we do. We model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff: 


Mrs. Chrissie Ashby Interim Principal
Mrs. Kathi Trimble Interim Assistant Principal


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Mrs. Colleen Bates PKA
Mrs. Jessamyn Scott PKB 
Mrs. Jolene Sosnowski KA
Mrs. Abbey Budnichuk
Mrs. Amber Donnelly 1A
Mrs. Heather Spilker 1B
Mrs. Becky Bennett 2A
Mrs. Amy Thomas 2B
Mrs. Katherine Diggs 3A
Mrs. Jennifer Pappathanasiou 3B
Miss Sheila O'Riordan 4A
Ms. Kristin Urbanski 4B
Mrs. Julie Maney 5A
Ms. Robyn Basehart 5B
Mrs. Megan Power 6A
Ms. Monica O'Malley 6B
Mr. Doug Ripley 7A
Mrs. Karla Foreman 7B
Mrs. Stephanie Collins 8A
Ms. Tiffani Coster 8B
Mr. Edward Lawrence Math
Mr. Bryan DeStefano Math
Mr. (Edward) Mike Croughn Math
Mrs. Kathi Trimble Language Arts/Reading Resource
Mrs. Noel Hasty
Ms. Sarah Clough Art/Computer
Mrs. Julie Hirsch Music/Computer
Mrs. Michelle Phebus Physical Education
Mrs. Maria Starcher Computer

Instructional Assistants

Mrs. Donna Coster PKA
Mrs. Jackie Impagliatelli PKB
Mrs. Renee
Mrs. Lorraine Williams KB
Ms. Dee Krall
Mrs. Margarette Calvert1B
Mrs. Lisa Bolyard 2A
Mrs. Lucy Steck 2B
Mrs. Robin Isom 3A & 3B
Mrs. Donna Visalli 4A & 4B
Mrs. Richelle Arnold 5A & 5B
Mrs. Karen Ellis Middle School

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Teresa McGuire Office Manager/FACTS Coordinator
Mrs. Cindy Christy Administrative Assistant & VIRTUS 
Mrs. Maria Starcher 
Technology Director 
Mrs. Angie Corno Director of Admissions
Mrs. Jill Prevatt
Director of Marketing and Advancement
Business Manager
Mrs. Mary Konopacki 
School Nurse 
Mrs. Grace Dushatinski  
School Counselor
Mr. Wes Osment 
Instrumental Music Program 410-442-5804
Mr. Jim Emminger