Clubs & Activities

Academic Competitions: Middle School students may participate in a variety of academic competitions hosted by area high schools. Teams meet after school with a moderator to prepare as needed.

Art & Writing Contests: Community organizations sponsoring these contests contact teachers and they in turn make the opportunity available to students. St. Joseph students have received awards in both Art and Writing Competitions.

Battle of the Books Club: Open to current 6th graders, Battle of the Books encourages a love of reading. Students read various books recommended by the Baltimore County Public Library and participate in fun and engaging activities to prepare for a battle in late Spring. The club meets every other week for one hour right after school to talk about the books they are reading.

Board Game Club: Open to students in grades 4 & 5. Students will spend about four weeks learning and playing a board game. They will discuss different strategies and ways to play each game. At the end of the month, a new game will be announced for the next month. Students will have the opportunity to pick and choose which months they want to participate based on their schedules and which games they are interested in learning. 

Chess Club: Open to experienced/advanced players in grades 2-8. Sign-ups will be on a space-available basis. Chess Club will be hosted on Monday afternoons in Mrs. Hasty's room. It is recommended that you register with the United States Chess Federation if you would like to compete in any tournaments outside of SJS-Fullerton. Beginner students who would like to learn how to play chess will be given an opportunity at recess during Trimester 2.

Cross Country Team: Students in grades 3-8 can train to run one to two-mile races in the fall. The team participates in races at public and private schools in Baltimore County. The race days will vary during the week.

Instrumental Music: This program is open to students in grades four through eight. All band students take lessons once a week during the school day and have recess or after-school practices depending on their group. Parents who want their child to participate in this program sign a contract directly with the Instrumental Music Program of Columbia, MD which sets all fees. Our band has been ranked #1 many times over!

Liturgy Club: Students in Grades 5-8 will meet once a week to learn about the Mass, plan school liturgies, and train for various liturgical roles. Altar Server, Usher, and Lector training is part of this club, and students will learn how to write petitions, navigate the behind-the-scenes work of the Mass, and grow in faith while helping others worship. 4th Grade will be invited to join in the third trimester. 

Morning Announcers: Middle School students are invited to join the Morning Announcers Team! Before the school day begins, announcements are broadcasted in every homeroom. Our Morning Announcers fill everyone in on the news of the day, share special events and upcoming activities, and even provide a weather report. Announcers lead everyone in the daily prayer to St. Joseph and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Music Ministry: Middle school students volunteer to become part of the Music Ministry program. Students taking advantage of this activity have opportunities to cantor, become part of the choir, and contribute to the liturgy. Choir is open to students in Grades 4-8.

National Junior Honor Society: Membership in NJHS is based on national guidelines and local standards. Students in grades six through eight are invited to become members each year based on exemplary academic achievement (an A average in each major subject) followed by demonstrated leadership, service to the school and parish, and good character.

Safety Patrol: Middle School students are able to volunteer for this activity. It is a service to their school. They assist at morning arrival and afternoon dismissal in order to assure procedures are followed and all are safe.

School & Archdiocesan Spelling Bees: St. Joseph School holds an annual Spelling Bee each spring for its students. Champions are named in the primary, intermediate, and middle school grades. A School Winner is also determined. Top spellers are asked to represent our school in the Archdiocesan Spelling Bee.

Send Some Sunshine Club: Students spread sunshine in their community by creating cards and friendship bracelets and writing kind and uplifting letters to children battling cancer. These pieces of "sunshine" are given to children at Johns Hopkins Pediatric Hospital.

Student Activities Committee: Students work with a teacher moderator to plan a variety of events and activities to involve students sharing with others and service to their community. The committee offers students in grades 6-8 an opportunity to grow in leadership and responsibility.

Track & Field Team: Students in grades 4-8 tryout to participate in Track & Field competitions. Training varies during the week.