School Board

It is Archdiocesan policy that every school have a School Board, regardless of its model of governance. School boards are diverse and seek to reflect the student population, include community representation, and have persons with expertise related to school needs. 

Our School Board exists to provide policy-making expertise to the Principal and to broaden the participation of the Parish Community in the educational mission of the Church. The School Board, recognizing that the primary responsibility for a child's education rests with the parents, promotes the overall mission and philosophy of the school within the framework of Christian education in the Catholic tradition. Developing the Strategic Plan for the school, monitoring and evaluating the progress in achieving these goals and objectives, and assisting in the budget process are the primary objectives of our School Board.

In the Strategic Plan, the School Board has set the following goals:
1. Maintain a Catholic identity and a Franciscan tradition in the school
2. Support and enhance a tradition of excellence
3. Monitor the school's finances
4. Expand the resources of the school
5. Engage the community of St. Joseph's in supporting the mission of the school
6. Strive to maintain maximum levels of enrollment within the framework of the Archdiocesan guide

Voting Members (2023-2024 School Year):

  • Rose Michaud, Chairperson
  • Lora Viegas, Assistant Chairperson
  • Erwin Tenorio, Finance Chairperson
  • Frederick Fonlon, Diversity Committee
  • Taylor Rekus, Facilities
  • Rev. Felix Mmouh, Catholic Identity Committee
  • Christina Bowman
  • Denise Matricciani

Non-voting Members:

  • Rev. Jesse Bolger, Pastor
  • Christina Ashby, Principal
  • Kathi Trimble, Assistant Principal
  • Tamara DiIorio, HASA President