We appreciate and acknowledge the sacrifices it often takes to provide your child with a Catholic education. By choosing a Catholic school, your family decides to invest in your child's future.

Tuition & Fees for the 2023-2024 School Year:

Tuition & Fees:
Active Participating Catholic Rates
New Student
  (PreK - 8)
Returning Student
     (PreK - 8)
Tuition (for Active Participating Catholic)   $6,446        $6,446
Non-Refundable Student Fee (collected in SchoolAdmin at time of enrollment)    $530**         $380*
Total Tuition & Fees (for Active Participating Catholic)   $6,976        $6,826
Tuition & Fees:
Other Faiths
New Student 
   (PreK - 8)
Returning Student
     (PreK - 8)
Tuition (Other Faiths)     $7,790       $7,790
Fees (collected in SchoolAdmin at time of enrollment)**      $530**        $380*
Total Tuition & Fees (Other Faiths)      $8,320        $8,170

*Non-refundable Student Fees include Instructional Supply & Book Fee, Archdiocesan Fee, Commitment Fee, and Technology Fees. 

**An additional non-refundable New Student Fee of $150 will be collected through SchoolAdmin for all new students enrolling at St. Joseph School - Fullerton.

Active Participating Catholic Tuition Rate: Through the Special Assessment of Catholic Schools, every Parish within the Archdiocese of Baltimore supports Catholic Education based on the generosity of their parishioners. Through this generosity, our Catholic families are afforded a discounted rate on tuition, as they are most often the direct supporters of this particular assessment and contribute specifically to their parishes and the entire Archdiocese. A completed Parish Verification Form must be returned to our school office to receive the Active Participating Catholic tuition rate.

Tuition & Fees Payments

FACTS is the tuition management system and the grant/aid platform used by the schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. All families are asked to create an account with FACTS to manage their tuition payments and to apply for financial aid (if applicable). Please see the FACTS section for more information regarding payment plans.

SchoolAdmin manages our admissions and enrollment and collects and processes associated student fees. Parents may log into their student(s) account to complete school forms, upload documents, and track the admissions & enrollment processes via student checklists.