FACTS serves as the preferred provider for financial aid and tuition management service within the Archdiocese of Baltimore. All families are required to sign up and make payment through FACTS utilizing automatic payments (EFT) from a bank account, credit card, or processing checks sent to a secure processing center. 

Through FACTS you will be able to select a payment plan. Please see frequently asked questions flyer for more information about FACTS.

FACTS Payment Plan Options:

Full PaymentTwo PaymentsFour PaymentsTen Payments
$150 discount$100 discount$50 discountNo discount
Pay tuition in full by July. There is no FACTS fee but you still need a FACTS account to make a tuition payment.Pay tuition in July and December. These payments must be paid through FACTS. There is a $15 annual FACTS fee for this option.Pay tuition in July, September, December, and March. These payments must be paid in FACTS. There is $47 annual FACTS fee for this option.Pay over ten months beginning July and ending in April. These payments must be paid in FACTS. There is $47 annual FACTS fee for this option.

Access your FACTS account here

The St. Joseph School ID #11179.

How do I apply for grants and aid?

Please see our Grants/Aid section for more information about Financial Assistance.

For further information or questions, please contact our FACTS Coordinator, Mrs. Teresa McGuire, at 410-256-8026 x130 or tmcguire@stjoeschool.org.