Inclement Weather Policy

St. Joseph School - Fullerton may be closed all day, may delay its opening, or may dismiss early because of inclement weather (snow, ice, fog, excessive heat, etc.).

Updated this year (only) due to BCPS virtual learning:

Since Baltimore County Schools are not in-person, the Archdiocese of Baltimore will be making the call to open/close school based on the inclement weather in each county. Please know that we will update you as soon as we know via our text/email system as well as on social media. We have built into our calendar three snow days, so if we have snow days, it will be TRUE SNOW DAYS. If we exceed the three allotted snow days, then our school will be virtual, but we will be sure to communicate that in our text/emails and social media posts.

Previous policy:

  • St. Joseph School follows the directions of the Baltimore County Public School System. Should Baltimore County have a two-hour delay on a noon dismissal day, St. Joseph School may be closed.
  • Parents will be notified of an early dismissal through the school's Connect Emergency Information System via phone numbers and email addresses that were given to the school.