Student Services

St. Joseph School - Fullerton is committed to providing our students with a positive learning environment in which each child challenged to develop to his or her full potential academically, spiritually, and morally. In order to achieve this goal, we provide our students with the following academic resources as well as guidance resources:

Reading and Math 

Beginning in second grade, our students are grouped by ability in Math (two sections in second grade, three in grades 3-8). The students work with other students at their ability level and thereby are able to reach their highest potential. Algebra is offered to qualified eighth grade students. 

A strong language arts program incorporates phonics, literature, grammar, spelling, writing, vocabulary and reading. Our students are grouped by ability either within the classroom or outside the classroom with the instructional assistance of reading resource teachers. All students are reading the same story but in a way that allows them to reach their full potential.  

Our reading and math resource teachers work on specific skills development with individuals and small groups of students on a daily basis.

Guidance Services

As part of Catholic Charities School Consultation program, the school consultant at St. Joseph School provides services to enhance students’ overall learning and growth academically, socially and emotionally.

Services include individual supportive counseling, small issue- oriented groups, classroom presentations, new student lunch bunches, consultation with staff, participation in outside team meetings, referrals for specialized services in the community and collaboration with mental health providers.

Examples of the kind of issues that often prompt individual meetings are: difficulties with social interactions, sadness about a loss, anxiety, etc. as well as overcoming normal childhood hurdles. Referrals for services are initiated by parents, teachers and administrators.

Our school counselor, Mrs. Grace, is here for you and your child as a support and advocate and is available five days a week. Please email Mrs. Grace Dushatinski with any questions or concerns. 

Speech and Language Development

If a student has an IEP or Speech Service Plan through Baltimore County Public Schools, they will/can receive services here at St. Joseph School - Fullerton.  

Title I

Title I is a federal program that provides extra academic support and learning opportunities to qualified students. If a student qualifies for Title 1 Services, they
will receive these services here at St. Joseph School - Fullerton.